My name is Rudy Rush. I’m a young up coming rapper from the Bronx Just trying to follow my dreams in making it big in the music industry. Ever since Rudy-Rush was a little boy, he had this passion for music, but Rudy-Rush was not sure how to approach it. In early 2000 started getting these feelings that Rudy-Rush needed to make music. My real life profession is Auto Mechanic, but my love is music. Rudy-Rush favorite rapper of all time is 2pac.


Why? Because his music could get your attention, move you and at that time for me that was what I needed to hear, songs like dear mama, keep your head up, Brenda had a baby and many more. Rush could not wait to let my talent be known by the world instead of just the people on my block, So Rush decided to start writing and getting a format on how to get my words of the paper and onto beats. With the help from my producers Snipes and Tony Twice Rush felt that he was the best.


The first beats Rush ever recorded on were produce and recorded by Snipes in the basement of his mother..s house, we named it Four Fifths and Teflon. I took my music to Tony Twice studio and in about 6 months I had a classic. My first album adaptation was done. But that was just the beginning. Rush just never stop writing and making hit records back to back. Rush made all type of records because I had something to talk about whether it was about my mother, my father or what ever that might be going on in my hood. But writing songs about females and making it sound good was what the hood love about me, Rush just kept on coming. Talking about making music sound good, God bless me when I found this up coming R&B


singer/producer/engineer they call..s B Starks. He makes everything sound good.

Now 8 years of recording I’ve gotten better and now I feel that Rudy-Rush is ready to get out there. I have work with many different producer like E.Z.L.P who made a few beats for the late Biggie Smalls, Mase and a lot on rappers in the industry.


Now that I build my studio, Rush found himself a few artist R&B ,Reggae, soul and Hip Hop, Rush decided to start his own record label RUSH E.N.T ,,.I have performed at many different venues like SOB’S in the city Florida many small venues in the city,Rudy-Rush perform in the Bronx and Harlem.


Rush has opened for Radigga in Florida, but my biggest performance is on February 2oth where I Rudy-Rush will be opening for Mavado reggae biggest star right now.

I am looking forward to work with as much people in this business as I can..Right now I’m just getting started with putting my artist and myself out for now getting as much exposer as possible. Thanks for taking the time to find out about RudyRush and RUSH.E.N.T.